• Permanent Microblading & Powder Technique in Gurgaon
  • Permanent Microblading & Powder Technique in Gurgaon

Best Permanent Microblading and Powder Technique in Gurgaon

Your eyes are the most mesmerizing feature of your face, accentuated by your eyebrows. However, not everyone is blessed with the perfect pair of eyebrows. Many of us have gaps, scars, scanty or uneven eyebrows. Now, we can create realistic looking hair strokes to get thicker eyebrows with no gaps with our amazing eyebrow microblading and ombre powder technique.

This treatment is a signature semi-permanent procedure that has a new, 3-D, natural strokes and more detailed to give your eyebrows as well shaped and natural as possible. Our eyebrow microblading and ombre powder technique is for those who are looking to fill in gaps, simply to reshape or cover scars. This works wonderfully for those who have thinning eyebrows due to hormonal changes of age.

Frequently asked questions about dermal fillers:

Dermal fillers are based on Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that naturally occurs in our skin and joints for hydration and lumbrication purpose. Unfortunately, as we age, our body produce less and less of this HA, which leads to lack of volume, deepening of lines, drooping, dehydration and wrinkles. HA combines with water and increase hydration. Dermal fillers are US FDA approved and made of a fully degradable complex sugar molecule. Fillers have been used for several years now globally with outstanding success records and fantastic results. The treatment of wrinkles with fillers will usually involve injecting through a tiny needle.

This technique is relatively the latest one of its kind. There are providers using the older ‘block technique’ which is basically filling the entire eyebrow with a single block of colour. This looks very un-natural especially up-close. Our eyebrow microblading and ombre technique uses the combination of latest 3-D feather-touch and powder technique that has become popular across the world for the life-like results.

The normal tattoo ink is designed to be used on the body and not the face. The black colour of the general tattoo ink tends to become a bit blue over a period of time which looks very unrealistic and unnatural. Also the tattoo ink is permanent and as we move with new trends and fashion we may want to have a different look which is irreversible with a normal tattoo ink. For the eyebrow revival treatment we only use the world’s finest semi-permanent micropigments from Goochie and Biotouch USA along with the most sophisticated Goochie procedure machine. All the ingredients are US FDA approved which provides a great deal regarding their safety.

This is an excellent procedure for you if you have thinning eyebrows, which happens with over threading/plucking, ageing, medications, hormonal issues, hereditary and numerous other causes.

This procedure takes around 50-60 minutes.

You only require a single session although a free touch-up session is recommended within the first month. The results should last for about one year which depends on various lifestyle factors.

The treatment is not painful. We use a topical local anesthetic cream 45 minutes prior and in between the procedure to ensure your comfort.

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