• LED Light Facial Treatment in Gurgaon
  • LED Light Facial Treatment in Gurgaon

Best LED Light Facial Treatment in Gurgaon

Our skin can ingest light and use it as a wellspring of vitality or source of energy to stimulate a healing response.This exclusive addition of the NASA tested and approved- LED Light Therapy has been proven for benefits against sun damage, anti-ageing, wrinkles, enlarged skin pores and even acne.

LLLT is the Photobiomodulation technology which has multiple light emitting diodes (LED) which is a novel light source without removing the top layer of the skin or without harming the skin surface (works on the underlying layers of the skin) so that the body will produce new collagen.

LED facials use proven light therapy amongst which the most popular ones are the red and blue ones. The red, with infrared wavelengths of light penetrates in the deeper layers of dermis to stimulate the production collagen, reduce formation of wrinkles and repair damaged cells. LLLT facial also causes an increase in the blood flow to tighten skin, close open pores, give you an even skin tone and a brighter face and improve the skin texture.

On the other hand, the blue LED light prevents breakouts and reduces acne by killing the acne-causing bacteria. It penetrates deep into the skin to help with cystic acne.

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