• Aquaoxy Instabright Facial Treatment in Gurgaon
  • Aquaoxy Instabright Facial Treatment in Gurgaon

Best Aquaoxy Instabright Facial Treatment in Gurgaon

This does as its namesake- instantly bright and hydrated skin!

This multi-step facial eliminates dull dreary skin and give that amazing glow with light and even skin tone.

Here are a few steps of this unique facial:

  • Our signature clean-up: uses extraction technique with a skin scrubber vibration cleanser to make sure the stubborn black heads, white heads and sebum are completely removed.
  • Diamond skin resurfacing treatment: uses a diamond tip to gently remove the dead skin cell upper-most layer of your skin and provide skin polishing for a smoother & feathery soft skin.
  • Vitamins & nutrients deep infused aqua-oxygenation treatment: deeply cleanses your skin from within with the hydro suction and oxygen infusion technique to remove all the impurities clogging your skin, reducing open pores & leaving it back to life and refreshed.
  • Insta-bright serum infusion: this amazing vitamins & hyaluronic gel based serum takes care of your skin’s hydrating and brightening needs giving you an instant brightness with a red carpet ready look.

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